ZooTapRadio.FM is an all genre online radio station. Based in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas.
We bring what is Underground Above Ground!
All music aired is label, band or musician submitted.
We are also mobile, broadcasting live on location within and around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area.
At the Zoo, we air local bands around the clock! Bringing you new music.
You heard it first on ZooTapRadio.FM


We will be releasing our new Android app soon. Stay tuned for details.

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Mixed Hits Channel - ZTR.FM

This week top 10 on www.ZTR.FM
On the Mixed Hits Channel

  1. Deity of Destruction - Worth Fighting For
  2. Superscream - Evil Cream
  3. Project Rogue - Denying The Truth
  4. Creepy Little Things - Chasing Yesterday
  5. Vicki Kiely - Wild and Free
  6. Superscream - Your Necklace Of Bites
  7. Chrononaut - Sing me a song
  8. Roaring Truth - Homesick
  9. Dirty Glory - 20 Years Of Moving On
  10. LoReLey - Here We Are Again

Past Weekly Top Mixed Hits

This week top 10 on www.ZTR.FM
On the Metal Channel

  1. Die Like Gentlemen - Setting The Features
  2. Only Zuul - Goat Mountain
  3. Aberration Nexus - God & Ashes
  4. Vivisektor - BEAST
  5. Slugdge - Unchained Malady
  6. Vivisektor - Salvation
  7. The Scimitar - Void Traveler
  8. Slipknot - Slipknot
  9. Vivisektor - Dysphoria
  10. Decay - Midnight Burial / Rot and Ruin

Past Weekly Top Metal

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Featured Videos

Sammy Bell - Circles

Project Rogue - Denying The Truth

Deathrow Bodeen - They Became Your Lies

Labels Supporting The Zoo

  1. Perris Records, South Texas
  2. Sunset Recordings, NYC New York
  3. Rewired Records, NYC New York
  4. Saint Marie Records, Dallas Texas
  5. Torn Flesh Records, Portland OR
  6. Idol Records, Dallas Texas
  7. Burning Dogma Records, Dallas Texas
  8. Zombie Shark Records, Dallas Texas